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About Capalex

High Tolerance Aluminium Extrusions

Formed in 1979, Capalex have rapidly gained a reputation as the specialist manufacturer of complex, high tolerance aluminium  extrusions in a wide range of commercial alloys. We boast the best delivery times in the business and can extrude special aluminium extrusion sections weighing just 0.02kg/m with walls as thin as 0.5mm.We can also supply a huge range of standard profiles and offer a comprehensive, range of machining and assembly combined with a full powder-coating and plating service.

Competitively priced and available in any quantity, there is no minimum order quantity, our high quality aluminium extruded profiles are used across the globe. Our customers, ranging from one-man engineering shops to some of the biggest multi-nationals, utilise Capalex extrusions in a wide range of applications from electronics, defence, aerospace and computers to architectural hardware, leisure, display and lighting uses.

Capalex's flexibility and responsiveness has made us particularly useful in product design where design and development engineers have found our quick turnaround, no-minimum order service invaluable for prototyping. Once approved, bulk production and delivery is quickly fulfilled as the die is already made and ready.

Aluminium Extrusions by Capalex.