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From this page you can download our Standard Profiles list and
other literature on aluminium and aluminium extrusions that may be of interest.  If you have any enquiries please
utilise the box provided.

If not already installed on your system, you will require Adobe
Acrobat Reader. In addition some files are 'zipped' to speed
download times. They can be decompressed using programs like
 WinZip or UltimateZip. If you do not have any of these programmes you
can download them utilising the appropriate link opposite.

Capalex Standard Profiles
download the Capalex Standard Profiles list in low or high resolution versions.
Low Resolution Version - 552Kb
High Resolution Version - 1145Kb

In some browsers, clicking on the link may display this in the browser window rather than downloading. To download you may need to right click and select save.
Last updated 3rd June 2003.

Mouldings, Cappings, Beads, Handles & Trims
Click here
to download pictures of the above extrusions.  Please note drawings are not to scale.
Last updated 19th June.

Materials Safety Sheet
Click here
to download information on aluminium materials

Alloys Information 
Click here
to download information on common aluminium
alloys used by Capalex and their applications. 
Last updated 3rd June 2003.

Terms and Conditions
Click here
to view Capalex's terms and conditions of



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