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Aluminium Extrusions and Aluminium Fabrications.

Tight tolerance components made from aluminium extrusion are some of the commonest parts used in the manufacturing industry. Infinitely flexible in their variety, their light weight and cost-effectiveness give them a vast range of structural and finishing uses, whether in their naturally bright unfinished form or powder coated, electroplated or anodised to a myriad of rich colours and tough finishes.

In today's highly competitive marketplace you would expect there to be any number of companies vying to supply endless varieties of extrusions in any quantity you require, offering realistic prices and minimum delivery times.

Wrong!... Surprisingly the vast majority of aluminium extruders insist on minimum orders of 250kg and typically offer a lead time of six to eight weeks! Capalex has no minimum order quantity.

This is fine when all you need is a constant supply of standard aluminium extrusions. However, if you are involved in design, research and development, prototyping and one-off projects that many extrusion producers either can't or don't meet, then Capalex should be your first choice.

Aluminium Extrusions and fabrications by Capalex.