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Capalex Manufacturing
Precision CNC Machining

Machined and Finished Components

When your product has been extruded our
extensive on-site manufacturing division has the
capability to turn your raw aluminium extrusion into
a machined and finished component.

We can provide precision cutting, milling, multi
axis CNC machining of high tolerance aluminium components
(complete with CAD CAM
software), drilling, tapping, punching,
turning, wire erosion, forming, and de-burring.

We can take your finished component
and fabricate and assemble with other parts, before
packing and labelling to your requirements ready
for you to use or send straight to your customer.

Capalex Manufacturing can also offer a sub-
contract service, if you have aluminium or steel
from another source that requires machining.


CNC Machining by Capalex.

Capalex manufacturing